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At some point, your
child will be offered
alcohol. To resist
such pressure,
teens say they
prefer quick “one-
liners” that allow
them to dodge a
drink without making
a big scene. It will
probably work best
for your teen to take
the lead in thinking
up comebacks to
drink offers so that
he or she will feel
comfortable saying
them. But to get the
started, here are
some simple
from the mildest to
the most assertive.

1. No thanks.

2. I don’t feel like
it—do you have
any soda?

3. Alcohol’s NOT
my thing.

4. Are you talking
to me? FORGET it.

5. Why do you
keep pressuring
me when I’ve said

6. Back off!
Teenage Drinking And Smoking - Siblings Are
Powerful Role Models

Brothers and sisters are more powerful role models than friends or parents when
it comes to teenage drinking and smoking, research has shown.

On average, 13 percent of younger siblings reported smoking and 36 percent
reported drinking, but rates increased when older siblings also reported
substance use.

About 10 percent of younger siblings with non-smoking older siblings used
tobacco, compared to 40 percent of those whose older siblings smoked.

Likewise, younger sibling alcohol use increased from 25 to 53 percent when older
siblings reported drinking.
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CDC - Underage Drinking Facts
The Cool Spot
Alcohol is the drug of choice among youth. Many young people are
experiencing the consequences of drinking too much, at too early
an age. As a result, underage drinking is a leading public health
problem in this country. - US Dept. Health and Services
In The News - Illinois HB 0494 is currently under review. The name
of the bill is "Liquor - Under 21 in Restaurants. The bill is
requesting amendment to current statute that would allow 18-21
year olds to drink in restaurants if they are with their legal
guardians. The bill does not take into account the damage to the
developing teenage brain, that the guardian themselves might
have issues with alcohol, and that the responsible business owner
may not know if the legal guardian is actually the true legal

Parents and Teens Together opposes this bill and we encourage
parents to contact their Representatives and ask them to Vote NO
on HB 0494.